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It’s been a while since I thought about things at night. Well, I should clarify that. I’ve been thinking about things at night but not necessarily sharing those thoughts with you. We need to keep a bit of mystery in this relationship or it will die.

Night brain might also scare you if I share too much at once!

A teal/green owl that says

My washing machine sounds like a Tyrannosaurus Rex walking around looking for food.

That was a wild statement I never thought I would write down!

Every time I turn on the machine, I sit in the living and have a small moment where my heart races with fear and excitement. I’m absolutely positive my favorite movie franchise is going to come to life and rip the roof right off my house! Then in the next moment, I realize the washing machine is running and my dinosaur dreams die a sad death.

I just want a dinosaur to visit me!

Is that too much to ask?! It’s not like I’m expecting anything ridiculous, like winning the lottery or Hubster finally remembering to get me a birthday cake! Hubster, if you’re reading this, my birthday is in just over 2 weeks and I want cake. Cake! If you can’t figure out a cake, you can get me a T-Rex and we will call it even!

One day I want to get to the bottom of this mystery, ending the cycle of burning disappointment the machine causes me with each load of laundry. That day won’t be today because I’ve got snacks that need to be eaten and a couple of dinosaur movies to watch with Lola.

Lola will be wearing her Triceratops costume as we do so.

Lola dressed up in a triceratops dinosaur costume.

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