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For weeks Lola has been in training. Each morning she wakes up and does a few sprints across the house. She then proceeds to run two laps around the backyard fence. She stops to sniff every 14.2 feet, ensuring her nose is in prime working condition. She measures the sounds with her precision ears – the more noise she hears, the higher the ears rise. She completes this morning workout with a few sharp barks while standing at the top of the deck. Vocal cords have never been so primed to alert a human.

It was all for nothing.

Lola woke up eager this morning. She was ready for the action. Out she sprinted, the bed quickly left in her dust! Legs moving faster than a speeding train, Lola canvassed her backyard. Her ears, highly tuned to the most minuscule patter of animal feet, detected not a single abnormality. Her nose, able to smell a bottle of wine being opened 2 houses over, could not detect anything strange blowing on the wind. As she stood at the top of the deck, her deep growl rang clear through the morning.

The Easter Bunny had not shown up.

Lola can now rest easy, knowing the bunny received her messages of warning. No animal shall grace this humble abode, aside from her adorable brindle body. No other fur ball shall ever receive her Mommybeast’s cuddles. None shall ever get to kiss the Daddybeast’s face at bedtime. No other creature shall appear with teeth sticking out. Lola has plenty of teeth and 2 of them shine clearly even when she closes her mouth. This piece of the world is Lola’s kingdom, and none shall pass.

Small comfort for the Mommybeast who has no chocolate!

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31 replies on “The line that cannot be crossed…

  1. Go Lola! Keep that Easter Bunny away!!! I think he got the message from our cats too as it seemed it was only at Nans house that some chocolate appeared but our bunny must have spoken to someone as Ben got mostly toys! mwahhahah – he still came away with 4 big eggs though!!!!! #globalblogging

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  2. Good work Lola , we don’t want anyone crossing into your territory!!!! Hope mummy managed to get her hands on some chocolate somewhere though!! #globalblogging

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    1. She brings up a valid point! I’ve always wondered why parents tell their kids about these people who bring them chocolate which in turn makes the parents miserable. I mean, a two-year-old doesn’t know about the Easter bunny until mom or dad gives a basket filled with chocolate!


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