I was recently having a conversation with a friend on how writers make money in this day and age. As I talked about the possible reasons people would hire a writer, said friend kept insisting that most businesses would never need to hire a writer. I disagreed vehemently, many businesses hire people who left their grammar skills back in school. My friend disagreed, so I showed her a photo of a business in our area that should have hired a writer to handle their promotional materials.

Hire a writer

My friend could not understand what was wrong with this picture.

That’s why you hire a writer!

The average person looks at this sign, knows it is funny sounding, but cannot decide why. There is no such thing as a re-grand. There is such a thing as a reopening. A grand reopening even! (Note that the word reopening doesn’t even contain a dash.)

So many errors on such a big sign.

I did actually contact the business to let them know their sign was completely wonky, the manager was adamant that there is such a thing as a re-grand.

Sure, and we can all live in Willy Wonka’s candy factory.

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16 replies on “We know who wrote this sign…

  1. Oh wow! I can’t believe that our society’s grammar has dwindled so much that even something as simple as the wording in that sign goes unnoticed by management and then they insist that it’s correct. Wow! Just wow! You’re right about companies needing to hire writers, lol!

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  2. Lol I’m always slightly shocked that a sign like this which should be so simple can be so badly worded. That said, there are lots of signs out there with poor spelling and grammar. I regularly pass one for a residents-only car park with no “unorthorised” parking. #bloggerclubuk

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  3. There’s plenty of room for writers in business, but they need to be good writers. I’ve seen such awful copy on my travels and doing 10 years in advertising too. I now always spot the mistakes, although sometimes I don’t spot my own mistakes. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  4. There is a store in my town that has “clocks for sell”

    EEEEEEK! Come on! I feel like the sign maker people have some responsibility as well. I mean, how many people looked at that sign before it was printed????

    Stopping by from #anythinggoes

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    1. That would make my brain itchy until I went into the store and informed them of the error. But I would do it in a really nice way, maybe deliver some cookies to them at the same time. It is really odd that signmakers don’t even notice these errors.


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