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I was recently having a conversation with a friend on how writers make money in this day and age. As I talked about the possible reasons people would hire a writer, said friend kept insisting that most businesses would never need to hire a writer. I disagreed vehemently, many businesses hire people who left their grammar skills back in school. My friend disagreed, so I showed her a photo of a business in our area that should have hired a writer to handle their promotional materials.

Hire a writer

My friend could not understand what was wrong with this picture.

That’s why you hire a writer!

The average person looks at this sign, knows it is funny sounding, but cannot decide why. There is no such thing as a re-grand. There is such a thing as a reopening. A grand reopening even! (Note that the word reopening doesn’t even contain a dash.)

So many errors on such a big sign.

I did actually contact the business to let them know their sign was completely wonky, the manager was adamant that there is such a thing as a re-grand.

Sure, and we can all live in Willy Wonka’s candy factory.

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