You know that moment you get a cute little puppy and bring her home? You’re so excited and every single thing they do is adorable? Then they snuggle you and your heart just explodes with love?

That is the moment you must hold on to for dear life. Even though you will grow to love your dog more and more each day, there will come a time when your love will be tested in the most excruciating ways.

Ways that will involve poop.

Lola looking earnestly at the camera, ready to tell you a story. The story reads

Last week was one of the weeks that I held on for dear life. I snuggled the Lola monster with all my worth and praised every single good moment. In between the 50 million good moments, we had some tragic ones. My foot landed in poop. Then more poop. Then even more poop.

Little poop missiles all over the house.

Lola was obviously feeling bitter about something. I started bribing her with toys, love, cheese, and even a piece of Spam. By Thursday my nerves were shattered. Any little speck of dust that was on the floor was treated as a biohazard. My treasured area rug is now my nemesis thanks to its camouflaging abilities. And then, right as I was about to lose it, I see one more piece of poop on the floor.

I approached it with rage in my heart…and it fucking moved.

Yep! It wasn’t a poop, it was a spider! I screamed so loud that Lola went on the attack. She ate the spider. For the record, Lola is terrified of spiders – she prefers to growl at them from the opposite side of the room and wait for me to gain enough courage to kill them. But not this time. This time Lola killed the spider without a moment’s hesitation.

She’s the best!

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72 replies on “Let me tell you a story…

    1. Not the beanbag!!! Shoop!! This is why dogs are so cute, they poop and pee on our stuff and they don’t even regret it. Sure, they fake it, they give us the appropriate guilty glances… but that’s all part of a long con!


  1. Gatsby likes to leave a little reminder in the girl’s bedroom, every now and again. But stepping in it, wow, that is bad. Maybe, just maybe, Lola had a friend over who misbehaved while you were at Taco Bell? #thatfridaylinky xoxo

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  2. Hahaha! Heather!!! I just burst out laughing in the office. This is so funny. I know the annoying poopy business that sometimes goes on as our pooch does protest poops very occasionally too! But omg Lola, what a way to come back after all that. Eating a spider! Magnificent work dare I say. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xxx

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  3. I feel your pain. Once I had my child poop on the ktichen mat, the dog try and eat it and a baby puke all down my top. Simultanously while I was on the phone negotiating my next car service. #bloggersbest

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