Sometimes, just when I’m worried that my brain is running out of things to say, it comes roaring back to social media faster than my fingers can type. I have contemplated making some new friends so I have someone to talk to during the day – my current group of friends all go to a day job. Unfortunately, new friends means I would probably have to put on pants during the day.

Social media has never once judged me for sitting in my pajamas all day!

Here are a few random thoughts I shouted into the internet, desperately hoping someone would hear me. Maybe they would laugh.

Maybe they would send Taco Bell.

I do want to comment and react to everything I read on Facebook, but I'm too tired to tap the buttons.

Not only do I not want to put on real pants, I don’t even want to tap buttons.

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45 replies on “I shouted into the internet…

  1. Given our current carry on, it’s hard not to angrily bash the keyboard. The country is full of offensive and stupid people. Last night, I kid you not, someone said if we allowed SSM, the energy prices would go up??????? Too many weddings using too many lights? I can’t even comprehend that one? #FortheloveofBLOG

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  2. Haha. I always kind of wonder if it is sad how much time I spend in Facebook mom groups. I just think we all need to have someone to relate to! It’s nice to feel each other’s struggles and laugh about it.
    I’d love to go to Taco Bell with you. haha. I think my son and I are actually going to go there for dinner. Apparently it’s national taco day, and Taco Bell seems like the most appropriate “Mexican restaurant” for a date with a toddler.

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  3. I get my nightie on as soon as the kids are in bed then veg out in the evening with my laptop in front of the TV. And relax! (apart form all the frantic retweets, threads and linky comments!) #bloggersbest

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  4. I made a recent discovery that my daytime clothes are extremely like my night time ones, loose, comfortable, easy to wear . I don’t go out much and I often don’t have the energy to press buttons. As for friends, well they can come and visit me in my pj type daytime clothes anytime. Going out is a little more difficult but as long as there are not steps into your home then I’m willing….why do all my friends have steps?

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