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I’m not sure if you noticed, but I almost fell off the face of the Earth last week. I was visiting with my sister-in-law and nephew, Derek, who is an entire year older than the nieces who visited in June. A year makes a huge difference – to me and to Lola.

While I enjoyed the pleasures of the English language spoken by my nephew, Lola took his larger body mass as a challenge to her food stealing prowess. We can never forget that the nieces were casualties in the food war Lola has waged against the tiny humans.Β Never forget the banana.

My nephew was a much stronger opponent than Lola’s previous foes. Despite having almost no dog skills, Derek was able to thwart every effort made by Lola to obtain human food. There was string cheese that he held precariously high when not shoveling it into his mouth. Cheerios were picked up by tiny hands as quickly as they hit the ground. Even the pop tart, who’s very molecular make up invites it to break into pieces as you lift it, did not end up in the mouth of Lola.

I’ve decided to commemorate the peace treaty negotiations in cartoon format. As usual, Lola gets the first word in.

Lola & Derek 1

Lola & Derek 2

Lola & Derek 3

Lola & Derek 4

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