For several days now I’ve been on social media talking about how Lola has apparently entered the matrix and is using it to move around. She’s really freaking me out!

I was sitting in my office, writing a blog obviously, and Lola was at my feet chewing on her toy. I could hear her, see her, and feel her brushing up against my feet. As I leave the office I look back to talk to Lola and she’s still chewing the bone. I look to the computer desk where the Hubster is now sitting and make a wisecrack, then saunter towards the couch.

Lola is standing right in front of me.

Let me tell you why this is so creepy. First of all, we have wood floors and Lola can’t go anywhere without my knowing. Her little nails just click, click, click their way everywhere. Second, she can’t move that quickly while being that silent. It is not an exaggeration to say that Lola sounds like a stomping hippo when she moves fast. Third, how did she get around me without my seeing her?!

As I was pondering these mysteries aloud, Hubster drops his own bombshell on me. He said when he walked into the office to take my place at the computer that Lola was already in the living room. She wasn’t in the office at all.


So here’s my dilemma. How did Lola manage to be touching me in the office at the same time the Daddybeast was looking at her in the living room?

The matrix.

Lola sitting at the door, looking out

She’s probably also outside right now, thanks to the matrix.

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