I’d like to take this moment to get something off my chest. Every single woman in the world feels the same way about this, I know because I’ve polled them all. This is a message to all the feminine hygiene companies across the entire world.


You are seriously starting to tick us off. I walked down the aisle the other day with two girlfriends and without exaggeration, it took me 15 minutes to find the same shit I’ve been using my whole life.

And this happens every damn month!!

Tampax, Kotex, Playtex and every other company with a fucking X: we need this shit. You don’t have to make amazing packages that tell us we are pearls, or sporty, or gentle ladies, or radiant. We are buying your crap every month, we get it. You like us and think we’re awesome.

Now put some fucking samples in that aisle for us to see, since your packaging is too busy telling me my skin is glowing to show me what the item looks like. All I really need to know is if this product is the one that will do the job. God forbid you actually give me useful information!!

Balls, I am irritated. Or should I say pearls?!

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4 replies on “Hang a sample on the shelf like they do for pens…

  1. I am still very unsure of how you plan to sample them. Are you going to just check thickness and length? How are you going to check for absorbency? Pour red nail polish on it?


    1. I figured I would leave that to each reader’s imagination. But keep in mind, the nail polish is only one aisle over. Maybe they could put those liquid medication syringes in the aisle and let us take over from there. Women everywhere would rejoice.


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