This morning Lola and I made the command decision to clean the house. We couldn’t find a housecleaner that we liked and could afford so we’re doing all the heavy lifting ourselves.

Dreams of hiring a housekeeper made us complacent this week.

So there I am, moving all of our furniture, when I get the bright idea to steam clean. You know, freshen up the entire house. I wish my brain would allow me to do one task a day. This ‘have to do it all at once or nothing at all’ mentality can wreck your weekend.

So there I was, knee-deep in wet carpets with furniture strewn about, when Lola came bounding towards me like the demons of hell were behind her.

Or Jaws – it was difficult to tell.

I marched down the hall, prepared to find something tipped over or maybe even a puddle on the floor in protest of the very loud steam cleaner. Nothing. So I continued cleaning and two minutes later Lola comes flying from the back of the house again.

I finally spot what demon has been tormenting her.

A black spider with green spots and dark red eyes is looking at the reader. The caption about him reads "I'm just waiting for you to go to sleep..."

The Hubster is on duty, not returning until tomorrow. It’s up to me to kill this thing.

I collect my spider killing gear. Gloves, check. Paper towel, check. Toilet seat open, check. Vacuum nearby just in case that spider gets rowdy, check.

I return to the hallway… and it’s empty.

Now I HAVE to move everything. I will find him! Expect updates to follow if I can’t… and prepare Lola and I a bedroom in case we wind up at your house.

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4 replies on “Lola had the fur scared off her….

  1. I was also on spider patrol today when the neighborhood kids came to the back door instead of the front. Apparently it was trying to cut us off from the outside world by camping out on the doorbell. Sneaky bastards.


    1. Wow, your spiders really are sneaky. You wake up one morning and there is no way out of the house, it’s just one big web and you’re in the middle.

      Okay, now that I’ve scared you shitless, good luck sleeping tonight.

      FYI Ronnie, I’ve tried to comment on your blog but it keeps telling me I don’t own my user name. It’s perplexing since I comment everywhere using it.


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