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Oh boy. Kristen Stewart is doing another movie, Equals.

Shoot me now.

I literally pray for the end of the movie profession as a whole just to rid my eyes of this thing on my screen. Apparently directors have tired of Kristen’s dead emotions but they still want to cast her. Probably because she’s now proven she’ll sleep her way to the top.

*cough* You know it’s true, we all saw the photos!

So this new movie is being specially written for Kristen. She will play a human in an age where humans have lost their emotions. That’s right folks, if your actress sucks, just write a part that requires no acting for the star you want to cast. Kristen “dead eyes” Stewart will be able to pull off an emotionless robot.

On a worrisome note, the press tour surrounding this movie implies that Kristen will regain her emotions, but I’m betting that once they start filming they will have to rewrite the entire ending.

Why do people keep casting her?!?! I mean, Thor and The evil Queen really held that Snow White movie up. Instead of a sequel, the movie cut bait and decided to do a prequel. Dead eyes was not invited back.

Thank goodness for small miracles.

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