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I had the wildest dream the other night and I have to tell someone about it before my brain twists itself into a pretzel. I already get weird looks and I don’t need people whispering about my mental health as I mutter to myself in distress.

You, dear audience, shall bear witness to my story and then defend me if necessary.

Lola and I were on a journey to space. We were on our own ship, without the baggage of other people who might eat our snacks, and Mars was in our sights. (I should clarify that I am talking about the planet, not the candy bar – I’m a fat kid so you cannot just assume this fact.) Lola and I put on our spacesuits and decided to take a bit of a spacewalk to get ready for our new life.

Then things took a scary turn.

Lola began blowing bubbles in her space helmet. I didn’t even know she had bubbles in outer space, let alone had snuck them into her helmet! I told Lola to stop blowing bubbles before something terrible happened to her.

Suddenly, the worst possible thing happened!

A bubble popped in Lola’s eye.

That’s when I got to see an English bulldog panic while wearing a custom-fitted astronaut suit during a spacewalk above Mars. If you can’t imagine it, you are in luck – I’ve commemorated my dream in cartoon form.

Space Bubbles 1

Space Bubbles 2

That’s when I woke up because real life Lola was kicking me in her sleep. I think she might have been having the exact same dream as me!

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