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The warm weather is coming!

The statement above was not shouted with joyous relief that winter has finally released its hold on our lives. Instead, I am crying and rocking slowly back and forth while I remind myself that this too shall pass. I will miss the winter and its frigid breezes, best experienced through a pane of glass. I will miss the gloomy days that never leave me squinting through a sheen of tears as I desperately try to remember where my sunglasses went. I will most definitely miss… I’ve just thought of something! I’m going to turn my hatred of summer into its own post and let you move along with your day after you catch up on my latest social media ramblings.

Enjoy the sunshine you merry bastards.

Brain Diamond 33

Ugh. I hate when that happens.

Brain Diamond 34

Alien life. Let’s just start there, shall we Mr. Pepperoni Pizza?

Brain Diamond 35

Let me remind you of this scary tidbit – Lola’s brain has been influenced by mine. Yep, now you’re balls out terrified.

Brain Diamond 36

I know we need the bees, but it doesn’t mean I’m any less fearful.

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