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2019 Shank You Pets

Hello everyone and welcome to Shank You Pets! This is an Instagram community for those of us who love our pets like kids. Link up with me throughout the week using the tag #ShankYouPets and I’ll post my favorites right here every Sunday. You’ll get to enjoy cute animal photos, attract new Instagram followers, and pick up a cool new badge if you are featured!


A collage of dogs enjoying the winter!

This week we’ve had a bunch of fun looking at the wide range of pet photos shared. Some  fur friends are playing at the beach under the bright sunshine, while others are romping in the snow. Holly-Rose, top right, is testing out her bed. It’s not too firm, not too soft, it’s just right. I guess she’s goldilocks now! Apollo, bottom left, has taken his fluffy fur to the salon for a bit of pampering. He wishes they had rubbed his belly for a bit longer, but maybe next time he’ll get an hour of that and no bath! Violet, bottom right, is enjoying all the snow that she can get her hands on. It’s hard to be a snow breed when you live in the desert, but this winter is not disappointing her at all!

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