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How to smash self-publishing on Amazon…

Here is a product review. Read it. Ponder it. Debate the pros and cons. Ask your dog if you should try it. Listen to dog. Dog is always right. Happy dog, happy blog. Sorry – for some reason I had to finish off with a rhyme. Now on to the review!

I have not been paid for this review. I did not receive any discounts or freebies for this review. I did take this course and loved it so much that I had to write about it. 

How to Smash Self-Publishing on Amazon

with Debbie Stansil

I’ve been working on publishing a book for several years, but have been very intimidated by the Amazon requirements for uploading manuscripts. There are formatting requirements for ebooks, different ones for paperbacks, then you have the cover design and all its overwhelming elements that must be considered.

Writing the book is the easy part!

I had taken a previous course by Debbie, and nearly jumped for joy when she announced her new course on a whole new platform. CourseCraft is a wonderful site that allows Debbie to divide the content into easy to follow lessons. Printing off materials is easy and because the course stays available online, you no longer have to download and organize the files for future use – just log in and they are there! There is also a wonderful commenting section that allows you to ask a question and get Debbie’s response, which then stays on the course pages for future reference.

So that’s the platform, now let’s talk about the course content.

The self-publishing on Amazon course is comprised of 5 lessons, from formatting requirements to marketing strategies, complete with a printable checklist. This checklist provides you a place to track your formatting decisions as you go, something I didn’t necessarily think I would use – until I panicked and couldn’t remember which font I had chosen and in what size.

Save yourself the agony and use the checklist, it is your lifeline!

I spent the most time on lesson number two, which is the actual formatting part, and I used it as a step by step guide as I formatted my Word document. Debbie did a wonderful job of breaking down the information and delivering it in small steps that virtually anyone (even the tech challenged!) could follow. All the instructions were laid out in regular English, there was no tech talk that required a google search for clarification. (Not that you need it, there is that handy comment section after all!) There were also very valuable recommendations given throughout the course – learned through Debbie’s personal experiences with publishing on Amazon. Once you’ve made the hard decisions on your fonts and sizing, Debbie’s guide will get you to the final publish button.

I published an ebook and two paperback books using this course!

Here’s a breakdown of my favorite parts of the course.

I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is ready to publish their ebook or paperback on the Amazon site. I cannot say enough good things about this course, so be sure to head over to Debbie’s site to check it out for yourself!

I have not been paid for this review. I did not receive any discounts or freebies for this review. I did take this course and loved it so much that I had to write about it. 

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