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Last week I finally achieved my dream of publishing my first book. Unfortunately, no one warned me about a serious condition that some writers develop once they get that first book finished.

Rattling Brain Syndrome.

Apparently the book took up a lot of space in my skull and now I have valuable real estate up for grabs. As I frantically catch up on all the words the internet produced over the last year, I had a bit of a meltdown. There was short-circuiting and a bit of smoke coming from my ears, so I’ve decided to give it a break for today and share with you a few funny thoughts I had before my brain turned to goo.

Brain Diamond 17

I have my evil laugh perfected for the moment we finally meet.

Brain Diamond 18

I love those little bites of pizza – they’re dangerously delicious.

Brain Diamond 19

Just using the phrase now probably put me on a watchlist…

Brain Diamond 20

I’m not sure who the nearest Frank Furter is, but Lola is going to find you – and probably lick you because your name made her hungry!

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