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Welcome to the New Year edition of the Dream Team link up! This week we’ll be asking you to link up with a photo post – ideally between 1 and 5 photos that reflect the theme of  the New Year. You could show a roundup of the year or a preview of what’s to come. Tell us what it means to you using a photo format. We hope you’ll have a wonderful celebration with your families!

A text box that says #DreamTeam

Now, on to the rules. We must have at least a few rules or society will breakdown into complete chaos!

1. Add one photo post with the theme of the New Year.

2. Add the #DreamTeam linky badge or a text link to the bottom of your linked up post. If you are adding this to a side/bottom bar or linky page, please do ensure this is clear to avoid being missed out of commenting. Those who have been featured at any time in the past can use the featured badge instead.

Shank You Very Much
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Look, a button code!

3. Share your post on Twitter with the linky hashtag #DreamTeam. Tag your hosts for retweets @HeatherKeet @3_LittleButtons Navigating Baby

4. Please comment on each of the hosts linked posts PLUS the post directly before your own (a total of 4 posts as a minimum). If the post before your own does not carry the #DreamTeam badge or text link, you are not required to leave a comment.

5. Optional. Get into the party spirit and tweet/add comments to any additional posts you have really enjoyed. Other bloggers are more likely to return the favor if you do! As hosts, we will aim to retweet your posts again as we read them, as long as you have included your twitter handle in your sharing buttons.

Check out the official #DreamTeam Facebook page today and grow your reading community!

*By linking up, you are giving us permission to send you an email and/or tweet reminder for the #DreamTeam each week. You agree to your link being visible and accessible via the list of linked blog posts included below, to us sharing your posts on social media (tagging you as relevant), and to us sharing your post on our sites if chosen as a favorite.

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