Dear Lola,

What would you suggest I do when I find empty boxes in my refrigerator and pantry? Just last night I went to get a fudge pop from the freezer, only to discover that the box of pops was empty. I cannot begin to tell you how upset this made me – I was really looking forward to that snack! I suspect my children are the culprits, owing to the fact that the boxes always look like a rabid raccoon has torn into it on a quest for lost treasure.

Pantry Perpetrator

Dear Lola

Dear Pantry Perpetrator,

The dreaded inconsiderate snacker. Every family has one and they leave the other occupants of the family with a constant feeling of disappointment and despair. It’s made worse when you’ve been looking forward to a snack all day, only to realize that there are none in the house and the stores are closed for the day.

Families have decades long blood feuds over this.

I do have a creative solution for you, but it will involve a bit of trickery on your part – with Miniature Humans in your house, I am positive you are up to the challenge. You’ll need to begin hiding emergency rations throughout the house. Candy bars can easily be hidden in the nightstand and won’t be in danger of melting. Chips should be stored in the top shelf of the linen closet, the packages are impervious to moisture. Cookies can be hidden virtually anywhere, my Mommybeast spreads these all over the house.

I spend hours sniffing for cookies and never find them.

Your devious side will become apparent when it comes to the frozen snacks. You will empty out a package of frozen broccoli, this is the only vegetable guaranteed to repel Miniature Humans without question. Place your most treasured snacks into this empty container and place it in the back of the freezer. No one will ever find it.


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4 replies on “Dear Lola – Pantry perpetrator…

  1. Fantastic, I’ll have to try the broccoli box tip for the freezer. I found a safebox for the other stuff…a Samsonite hard-sided makeup case…with a combination lock that only I have the code for!

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