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It’s been another eventful week for me on social media. Not only did I ponder the very deep issues of kale smoothies and exercise routines, I have now ensured Lola cannot move a single muscle without me knowing it. Did I mention that society owes me a parade? No? Well, it does.

Without further adieu, all the things my brain has been churning out has been summed up in these four photos. There was a lot more, but it has to be disseminated slowly so that you all don’t question my sanity.

a text box that reads 'drinking salad dressing is not acceptable to society, but there's kale in a breakfast smoothie. who's making these rules?!'

a text box that reads 'I tried riding a stationary bike this week. I'm positive this would be the first task I handed over to a robot.'

a text box that reads 'I set up Lola's new GPS tracker... just in case she doesn't follow me to the bathroom.'

a text box that reads 'I completed the laundry for this week. Someone prepare my parade route.'

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