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This week I attempted to hone my ninja-like reflexes through a series of activities around the home. My first test came during a moment where a plate in my hands tried to jump forward and land on the floor. I am proud to say that although I fell down, I did not break the plate. Ninja level, beginner. My second test came when Lola decided to jump off the bed, causing me to catch her in the air to prevent a delicate leg injury. I caught her, but fell back into the window and gave myself a bruise. Ninja level, intermediate. My third and final test involved a step stool. My nemesis. I had to return a meat platter to its lofty spot on our top kitchen shelf above the refrigerator. I did it. Ninja level, expert.

Here are some other things I thought about this week and shared on my social media channels. I’m still bitter about the third one, but I guess I have to get over it already.

A text box that says 'I have a grocery store that delivers to me. Another lets me order online and they load it into my car when I arrive. I don't have to get out of the car. People, we are moments away from those floating chairs that mean we'll never have to walk again.'

A text box that says 'Lola wants to know why she has to moderate her snack intake when I won't do the same thing. I fed her cheese to stop the inquisition.'

A text box that says 'Why do donuts have a hole in the middle? I want the whole donut!'

A text box that says 'It's probably for the best that I never had children. I would have named them all after Seinfeld characters.'

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