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Not everyone is a wizard in the kitchen. At 23 years of age I came to the realization that all of those years I had begrudgingly helped my parents in the kitchen did not mean I knew how to cook.

You think you know how to cook and then you move out of your parent’s home.

That’s where my recipes come in! I love baking and am great at it. However, I still struggle to make something as easy as garlic roasted potatoes without a piece of paper guiding me – the oven temperature escapes me every single time! I am also hopelessly unmotivated to cook each night, so the easier the item is to create, the more likely I am to make it.

a text box that reads 'if you like to mill stalks of wheat into homemade flour, my recipes are not for you.'

Here are all the recipes I’ve posted to the blog. I’ve taken the liberty of posting links to each page in an effort to save you from smashing your phone in a fit of hunger while standing in the kitchen at dinner time. The recipes are from the US so the temperatures are in Fahrenheit and the measurements may look odd – google will convert everything to your country’s system. Or you can live on the wild side and order a set of US measuring cups from Amazon. One of my UK readers did this and said she’s never had so much fun with a bag of flour.

What exactly does the UK do with their flour?!


Gooey cinnamon rolls with icing

Cheese tots breakfast casserole

Biscuits and sausage gravy

Buttermilk pancakes

Blueberry muffins

Graham cracker muffins

Nutty banana bread

Fluffy french toast

Lunch & Dinner

Chilled chicken salad sandwich

Marinated shrimp scampi

5 ingredient Fettuccine Alfredo

Pasta Carbonara

Cheesy chicken mozzarella

Spaghetti casserole

Pigs in a blanket

Stuffed meatloaf

Macaroni and cheese casserole

Hawai’i Favorites

Shoyu chicken 

Honey island shrimp

Hawai’i style macaroni salad 

Side Dishes & Appetizers

Honey butter cornbread

Au gratin potatoes

Queso con carne 

Creamy peppercorn dressing and dip

Slow Cooker Meals

Slow cooker beef and broccoli

Loaded potato soup

Chicken noodle soup

Joe’s sloppy sandwich 

Classic chili 


Peanut butter cookies

Chocolate Doodles

Snickerdoodle cookies

Walnut chocolate chip cookies

Crispy rice cereal treats

Boston cream pie

Chocolate loaf cake

Cakee recipe, it’s like a cookie but also a cake

I will be adding new recipes to this list every Thursday so check back! Also drop me a comment if you added your own special touch to a recipe, I’d love to share it with my readers.

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