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Here is a product review. Read it. Ponder it. Debate the pros and cons. Ask your dog if you should try it. Listen to dog. Dog is always right. Happy dog, happy blog. Sorry – for some reason I had to finish off with a rhyme. Now on to the review!

Ghostwriting 101

with Debbie Stansil & Janet Cooper

A few weeks ago I took the Introduction to Ghostwriting course offered by Debbie Stansil and Janet Cooper. I was so happy with it and when Debbie offered to let me take her next course Ghostwriting 101, I leapt at the chance. This is a 10 day course that you complete in stages, with a workbook and daily activities – though you can obviously complete the work at a slower pace if you need to. I ended up finishing in 15 days since I took weekends off. (Then skipped a day to preserve my mental health when I ran out of caffeine on a Monday!)

I absolutely loved this course!

I started off with the Ghostwriter Skills Quiz, designed to help you find out how prepared you are to start ghostwriting. I found this tool extremely helpful because it laid out a plan on what you should be doing as a next step. I was rated as an intermediate ghostwriter, which I found to be accurate since I have been freelance writing for clients over the past several years.

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate level ghostwriters.

Each day was designed with a specific goal in mind. You completed the work and used the tools to decide when you were ready to move on to the next task. The course covers rejection, which is a major component of writing for clients. Debbie and Janet are very honest about the success and failures that you will experience in this line of work. There are so many positives, but Debbie and Janet also prepare you for the negatives you will face in this field. The course helps you to manage those negatives and learn from them.

You must be prepared for the negatives in any profession.

I’m going to list the key things I learned in this course because if I try to list everything that we were taught, I would end up writing a novel instead of a review.

  • Writing in other genres and voices, and making sure the voice sounds realistic (a difficult task as many people tend to fall into a comfortable pattern of writing)
  • A list of dos and don’ts (I’m guilty of using the Oxford comma more often than I should!)
  • Writing styles – fiction/non-fiction and all the things that fall under each category (short stories and novellas are NOT the same thing, as I foolishly once thought)
  • Word counts (you must become comfortable telling stories in lengths that meet the clients’ needs)
  • Where to find work and marketing yourself accurately (it won’t help to be a good writer if you can’t get hired!)
  • Legalities of writing for other people (this was covered over two days, it’s very important)
  • Character chart (absolutely critical, no one likes when a character does an about-face midway through the story)
  • A full critique from either Debbie or Janet (they give you several ‘client’ requests and you choose one to complete – very valuable since both Debbie & Janet have extensive backgrounds in the field)

So you’ve seen just how much information this course provides and you’re wondering what the con must be in this review. Any good review will find a con, after all! I tried very hard but the only con that I came up with was time. You do need to carve out time to work on this course without interruption. It is an investment in your writing future, so I found it to be overwhelmingly worthwhile!

If you would like more information about this course, check out Debbie’s website. The dates listed have passed, but you can still purchase the course and be added to the Facebook group to network with others who are taking the course or have previously taken the course. Debbie and Janet are great at helping you through any troubles you have!

The Oath of Product Reviewing

I shall not write a review that does not reflect my actual thoughts on the product.
Even if the creator of the product is my friend on Twitter.

I shall not accept compensation for a review and let it bias me in any way.
Even if that compensation is food. I really hope it is food!

I shall not demand that you agree with my review.
Even if I think you are ridiculous for trying to wear a hat as a pair of pants and complaining the hat isn’t designed well.

I shall not betray this oath for any reason.
Even if Lola is making adorable dork face at me in order to see how strong my moral code really is.