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Social media never fails to remind me that I am funny, but slightly insane. Here are a few of the moments that you may have missed if you aren’t following me on social media. For those of you who have the pleasure of seeing me in the flesh, I’d like to apologize for those moments where you question how you ever got mixed up with me. Sadly, you’re stuck with me for life.

Now, before you panic and think I won’t be able to blog any more, calm yourself. This is my old iMac, Henrietta. Hubster’s father gifted me a new one, Georgina, but like a treasured friend I keep the old one limping along through sheer willpower. Georgina would be bereft without Henrietta beside her on the computer desk.

This has happened since. I am convinced I am under attack by spiders with superior camouflaging abilities. Each time I sense movement, they blend. It’s really freaking me out!

As if IKEA wasn’t already impressive enough, now they’re helping me gain popularity online. Long live the Swedish meatball!

What can I say but I’m sorry?! I want to say it won’t happen again, but it really may be more your fault than mine. If you don’t see me slightly shaking as you speak, I’ve probably not had enough caffeine for rational thought.

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