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I was supposed to write a really funny post for you all today. I’m sorry to say, my brain couldn’t get it together. I stayed up all night on Saturday, not going to bed until 7am on Sunday morning. All in a quest for donuts.

I got the donuts.

Sadly, they weren’t as good as my normal bakery. My bakery is closed on Sundays. I would complain but they might ban me and then I would be desolate, left with second-rate donuts that aren’t as fluffy and doughy.

Behold! Heatherism #36!

Heatherism #36

So after a disappointing donut, I slept until lunch on Sunday. Then I went back to sleep. I vaguely recall Hubster yammering on about issues of the day, but I blissfully fogged out of listening. Then I napped until 10pm on Sunday night.

So here we are, at 3am on Monday morning, and I’ve got nothing for you to read.

Except all those words you just read. You know what, I’ll take the victory. I’m off to bed now before I completely lose what day it is. And in case you are thinking about abandoning me completely, I will tell you a secret. I’m featuring chocolate cake on my blog this week. CAKE!

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