Well, you are never going to guess where I am right now. Go ahead, guess. Nope. Not there! Nice try though, you were so close.

I’m in a recreational vehicle, cleverly called an RV, with the Hubster and Lola. A house on wheels. Now before you are misled by the name, I should clarify that this is not your ordinary RV. It’s the RV of the movie stars. Actually, I don’t even think the stars get buses this gorgeous.

The full size refrigerator holds a lot of cake. A lot.

My parents decided to fulfill their lifelong dream of bus ownership so that they could travel the United States in comfort and style. Unfortunately for them, they live in Hawai’i where owning an RV is slightly impractical. Just slightly because in rush hour traffic it can take 4 hours to cross the state, and that’s a pretty decent road trip! Sure, it’s only 30 miles, but the need for a nap is real and this bus has 5 beds.

So, while my parents are off living in paradise, I get to care for their precious baby whose name is still being determined. I also get to use it. And oh boy, am I using it! I’m sitting in front of the fireplace, watching one of six televisions, and deciding if baking cookies in the middle of the night is silly or brilliant.

It’s brilliant. You know it is.

I’ve also planned the first major road trip in the new toy that my parents opened and then left behind like a toddler on Christmas morning. Hubster and I will be traveling to the Grand Canyon later this year. Lola will be with us, she’s already called shotgun – which as you all know is a legally binding contract.

For those of you who are out on the road, let me reassure you of one thing. I am not driving it. At 44 feet long, I haven’t worked up the courage to take the wheel. I also haven’t established exactly what the mirrors and cameras are pointing at, which is basically step one before turning on the key.

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7 replies on “Caution, vehicle makes wide turns…

  1. Bake the cookies! Always bake the cookies! Ps. Your RV has more TVs and beds than my house. I have fireplace envy. Happy travels lovely x

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