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Happy Christmas everyone! The countdown is well and truly underway and to get you in the festive spirit, here’s our brand new What’s in Your #ChristmasStocking tag. If you would like to join in, just pop to the bottom of the post for more details.

3 Little Buttons

What’s in your #ChristmasStocking?

It’s all about the quick-fire questions in this tag, so go with the flow and jot down what pops into your head. Ready, steady, jingle!

1. Who’s behind the gathering of Christmas stocking treats – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas? 

I buy the stuff for Hubster and Lola. Hubster buys stuff for mine.

2. Traditional stocking or giant sack? 

Traditional stocking.

3. Christmas stockings for everyone or only those who believe?

Everyone! Including my beloved fur baby, Lola!

4. Cheap as chips or a big festive splurge?

Usually cheap with one splurge item in them. Candy is a huge contender in our stockings.

5. Themed goodies or a pick-a-mix stocking of treasure?

Mixed of course! Themes make my brain work too hard when all it really wants to do is think about eating cookies.

6. Real orange or chocolate orange?

I don’t understand this question. I’m assuming this is a custom in the UK. Chocolate orange does sound yucky though, unless it’s just regular chocolate shaped like a ball. But if it’s orange flavored chocolate then I would say no thanks.

7. Christmas ‘stick to your teeth’ candy or Santa’s ‘special’ healthy snacks?

Nothing healthy comes near me on Christmas day. Even my vegetables get doused in unhealthy things!

8. Chocolate coins or sugared mice?

I vote chocolate coins. One, because I like them. Two, I have no idea what sugared mice are! I’m intrigued though.

9. Latest trends or traditional wooden puzzles?

Wooden puzzles? I had to put a question mark there because I’ve never given or received a puzzle for Christmas.

10. Each item carefully wrapped in authentic looking wrapping paper or Santa just threw it all in?

Santa tossed that stuff in!

11. Stockings hung with care by the fireplace or end of the bed?

They hang off the television stand.

12. Who fills the stocking – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas?

I fill Hubster and Lola’s stockings. Hubster fills up mine – usually with some help from my mom who sends stocking stuffers. (She knows Hubster struggles in this area!) We then each try to sneak past one another on Christmas Eve and fill them. It can become quite the debacle!

13. Filled to the brim and overflowing or perfectly neat?

Neat, once stuff starts coming out you have to admit defeat and wrap stuff for under the tree.

14. What do you leave Santa – a glass of milk or something stronger for the road?

I leave him nothing…I eat all the cookies myself!

Share your favourite Christmas tip of all time…

Watch movies for the month to really put yourself in the mood! I made a list of them in case you hate crap plots!

Top 10 Christmas movies for people who hate crap plots…

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