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In the blogging world most of us are familiar with the link up, or linky as some of us call them. It’s a dedicated space for bloggers to showcase their favorite work and find new bloggers to interact with. You get great exposure, find new readers, and hopefully establish a friendship with someone else.

Almost every linky has a few rules, mostly about the proper etiquette we should follow – posting a badge to your chosen post so the linky host gets some credit for their work, and commenting on a specified number of posts left by other bloggers. Most of the bloggers I know actually follow these rules, lest they find themselves a pariah of the linky community. Maybe even banned from all future linkys thanks to multiple tools of the internet. However, there are other types of bloggers.

The Link Droppers.

Link droppers do just what their name leads you to believe. They drop a link. That’s it.

Link droppers don’t put a badge on their post, which is the equivalent of the middle finger held up high towards the linky host who is dedicating hours of hard work just to make sure we all get a little more publicity for ourselves. Link droppers also decline to comment on other posts, which is a flat-out “fuck you” to their fellow bloggers. They can’t be bothered to read other blogger’s work because they are just too important for all that.

a text graphic that says 'Compromise. The participation trophy for adults.'

If you’re a new blogger and you want to join in with linkys, don’t be a link dropper. Add those badges before you take advantage of a host who is offering up her readership to you in hopes your writing will be seen by more people. Seasoned bloggers are more than happy to help you learn how to add badges to your posts, which is admittedly a daunting task to new bloggers. We are also very understanding as we have all forgotten to comment on a post or three during a busy week. Just make your apologies and comment on a few extra posts the next week.

The blogging community is tight-knit, we know who the link droppers are and we don’t take too kindly to their insults. Please don’t be one of them.

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