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Social Media

Lately, my blog has been on a roll. I’ve seen a steady uptick in visitors streaming into my site and my follower count has been rising across my blog and social media platforms. I would love to brag that I’m just awesome and that’s why the numbers are rising, but I’ve been blogging for years and haven’t seen this much activity before.

I realized that the thing that has changed are my Twitter engagements. I don’t mean joining Twitter, I also did that years ago. I mean engaging on Twitter. Here’s 5 ways that Twitter can improve your blog, your writing, and your life! (That last one may be a bit of a stretch, but I’m optimistic.)

1. Twitter will introduce you to a whole realm of people you knew existed, but never really interacted with ever before.

When I began blogging, I found myself struggling to find where my niche was. I was a female blogger, but not a mom. I liked to talk about things I used in life, but I wasn’t a reviewer. I also used a ton of humor, but it seemed people would mistake my sarcasm for seriousness and wonder if I needed an intervention. Then I found the Brits on Twitter. Hot on the tail of my UK followers were the Irish, the Australians, and the South Africans. They began flocking to my page and devouring every new post I wrote. Meanwhile, my friends in the US were silent on my writings…

2. Twitter will gift you with hashtags, though they may not actually instruct you on their proper use.

Yes, I know I denounced hashtags a few years ago – but that was before other users taught me their true purpose. They smoosh all the tweets together into one thread for easy reading. You can find all sorts of internet people just waiting to tell you things. Sure, sometimes you are terrified after clicking on a harmless looking hashtag – but for every scary hashtag, there are 10 that you’ll like. *Little tip, if people are using all caps, just run away. Shit gets ugly, people get trolled, users are temporarily banned, and sometimes the innocent tweeters get caught in the crossfire.

3. Twitter will make you young again.

See, I knew I’d find a way that Twitter improved your life! You actually feel young when you use hashtags. If you don’t believe me, find a non-tweeter and ask them to read a hashtag out loud. They say it really slow, like someone learning a new language. They usually follow-up their odd pronunciation with some kind of statement about how Twitter is ruining society. Old people always blame new stuff for the ruination of society.

4. You will be challenged to write better just out of sheer terror that you will be surpassed by someone who knows big words.

I’ve started reading a lot more blogs since I joined Twitter. A lot. I used to read about 25 blogs whenever they would post something new. I now read about 100 of them and I get introduced to new ones each day. Twitter will never run out of things for you to read. A direct result of all this reading is that I’m becoming a better writer. I use a greater variety of words than I did at the start of my writing, and I’ve started incorporating the vernacular of other areas when my writing calls for it. Unless you like being a numpty, I recommend you start tweeting immediately.

5. Polls.

There is absolutely no better way to kill a few hours online! Twitter users have a lot of questions and they want answers. Sometimes people need answers on leaving a spouse, and obviously Twitter is free – unlike a marriage counselor who tries to use the diploma on the wall as some sort of justification that they know better than the random people of Twitter. Sometimes people just want to know if other people have seen aliens. Just a tip on the polls – read the comments, you won’t regret it. 

So there you have it, Twitter makes you younger, smarter, and prettier. I didn’t include evidence of the last one, but younger + smarter = prettier…or so the advertising agencies will have me believe.

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