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I’ve just celebrated my four-year blogging anniversary and I’ve written this post as a (valuable) piece of advice to bloggers.

Most bloggers will agree that taking a post down is akin to admitting their child is ugly. I have no kids so I’m of the opinion that some blog posts need to be taken down. This year I’ve embarked on a major blog overhaul that has me critiquing each blog post through a new lens. I found that out of the more than 600 posts I had written, about 50 of them were a nightmare I didn’t want anyone to find.

Now, I know people will say that they’ve worked hard to write the post, people took the time to comment, readers may find it a pleasant read, etc. I understand those reasons, but there is one thing I compare all my blog posts to above all those reasons – if someone read this post, would they get a good grasp of my blog or would I have to plead with them to try another post before abandoning me?

After 4 years of blogging, there were some posts that were awful, some I couldn’t even remember writing, and some that just had no reason to be made into a post and should have remained a Facebook status. That’s just what happens when you write, you have to edit.

When I first started blogging I wrote a series of posts about celebrities who needed to be shanked. Oprah, Miley Cyrus, that kid who’s in everything but I can never remember his name, and a few others. If a reader walked onto my blog today and only read one of those posts, they wouldn’t get a good idea of what my blog is about. First, I haven’t written about celebrities since the third month of my blog. Second, most of the posts were just wild rants about why I didn’t like the person. Third, they weren’t particularly funny. I smiled, but I didn’t get the urge to chuckle.

I would be embarrassed for people to read those posts and think that’s what my entire blog was about.

I’ve now made it through about 75% of my blog posts and I’ve removed 50. I have another 25 marked as private, just in case I ever want to republish them after some heavy revision. This may seem like a large number of posts to remove, but I guarantee that almost every blog out there had a weird start where you wrote about things you would never think about now.

So give your blog an edit, great writing requires a frank look every once in a while.

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