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Happy birthday blog, you are now four years old. When you were just a little baby, I had high hopes for you. Hope that you could change the world with your humor. Hope that people would flock to you to see the latest musings of a cake and cheese addicted woman, who is currently working her way towards mid-life. Hope that maybe you could inspire one person to not be the bigger man – but to get the cake AND eat it too!

You have surpassed all my hopes, and even created some new ones. You’ve made me hope to visit the UK and check out one of those blogger awards that I didn’t even know existed before you. You’ve made me hope for a big paycheck from book royalties so I can afford to eat Taco Bell every night of the week if I wish to – and I do wish for it! You’ve made me hope that my nieces and nephews will eventually tell people that they are related to the magnificent Heather Keet, author of life observations that everyone sees on their own but still want to read about.

So, happy birthday blog! Let’s try to get some shit accomplished between all the cake eating and Taco Bell trips.

Happy Birthday

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