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Post never ends

Well, I lost hours of my life – and a few million brain cells – singing this song to myself. It is a children’s song that was created by a diabolical monster who wanted to punish every single parent on the face of the planet. For some reason, it popped into my head and hasn’t stopped since. Apparently since I don’t have my own children, the child living in my brain has decided to torture the adult in my brain until one of them dies.

I am very worried.

Coincidentally, I am adding a new page to my blog where I give thanks to all the people who said I was awesome and then promoted me on their own websites. It will be the post that never ends since I plan on becoming more and more famous and having more and more and more people write that I’m awesome until the entire internet is filled with every page talking about the awesome sauce that my blog is made up of.

The base of that awesome sauce is probably Taco Bell cheese!

Go check out my new page! If you’re on my mobile site you need to click the menu button in the top left corner. If you’re on the desktop site it will be located just above the giant picture of me and Lola at the top of each page. Don’t get distracted by our good looks, check out the page! People are raving about me and I need you to see it.

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