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Sorry, I felt compelled to yell that at you because it’s just about 5am as I write and I haven’t been to bed yet – I’m getting a bit punchy. It’s my big blog link up night so I usually only catch a cat nap from 6am – 11am. I basically party with the Brits all night and call it work. Lola loves Sunday nights because she sleeps with the Daddybeast and then wakes up, eats, and falls right back to sleep with me.

It’s good to be a Lola.

Now, I’m going to make this post short and sweet. I’ve been doing some improvements to the blog and those of you reading from a computer or tablet should see a vast improvement. (Phone people, don’t get offended, you’ve been enjoying all these changes since day one.) I’ve changed fonts, a feat that was easy…until I realized my page was sized for a skinnier font and now everything was garbled. This resulted in a very tiny new font, but I knew it could be perfect with a few tweaks.

A text box that says 'It will be easy they said. I don't know who "they" are, but I will find them and make them suffer.'

Two hours later, I learned how to change the CSS to accommodate the new font and the new size for easier reading. If you don’t know what CSS stands for you are already winning at life. I want to punch myself silly because “they” tell me it’s easy to learn but I still don’t believe “them.” I passed fucking calculus without breaking a sweat, but four simple lines of code nearly ruined my self-esteem and caused the downfall of mankind.

So marvel at the wonder that is my new font style and size…

it’s never going to change again.

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