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It’s time for another movie event!!! Last month I planned the start time too late for many people to join in, so I’m going to do better this month. Well, I hope it’s better. Frankly, it couldn’t be worse so there’s always that ray of sunshine.

To pick out this month’s movie I posted a poll on Twitter. The choices were a classic 80s movie, a pop icon of the 90s, an action thriller starring a man with a very particular set of skills, and a sob fest that makes us eat, pray, and love – despite our best attempts at drowning in misery.

I’m happy to report we won’t have to cry together while tweeting for two hours this month. Clueless, the pop icon of the 90s, beat out the competition. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was hot on its heels so we may just make that the June movie. Now, mark your calendars and join me for commenting using #SYVMovie.

The movie is available to stream on Netflix UK. Sadly, all my US followers will have to either own it, borrow it, or steal it….from a friend. Please don’t actually go to a store and steal a movie. I’m not loaning you bail money if you do something stupid – I reserve that for myself because until I’m 90 there’s always potential for trouble.

Now, for those of you who are new to this whole movie/tweeting/commenting game, I’ve posted some instructions below the picture. See you all there!

May movie night

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I’ve included links to my profiles, click on them and make sure you’re with me! I will do two viewings of the movie each month so that my UK followers and my US followers can both participate.

Show up at the time and date I’ve listed. By show up I don’t mean jump in an airplane and come to my home, you just have to navigate to a television and have your Twitter or Facebook with you. I repeat, stay at your home!

Have a copy of the movie. No, I cannot provide you with a free copy, that’s illegal and I’m already risking an arrest when I go on late night Taco Bell runs. You should also have snacks and a beverage of your choice.

Use #SYVMovie and comment along with me! We’ll all have some fun watching terrible and/or awesome movies featuring people who make a lot more money than us. And we get to do it in our pajamas. What a win!

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