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I’m reposting this in case you missed it! Three days left until I pick a contest winner!

Well, yesterday turned into a nightmare of a blog post! I had to add two updates just to clarify what I had written. I’ve learned that drinking (nacho cheese) while blogging is not a good mix. That, or my readers are really technologically challenged and therefore none of it is my fault.

You know what? In the interest of preserving your dignity and self-worth, I will take the blame. I was drunk on nacho cheese from Taco Bell and you all are technological geniuses who were thwarted by my confusing links. I promise to always blog before I cheese.

Now on to today! I’ve got nothing. I spent the past 24 hours talking with Zazzle support to find out why my Duck Lips t-shirt shows up on my collections but not on my store product page. For all of you not familiar with the workings on my store, it should be on both pages…and it’s NOT. No one can figure it out and the support techs and I are baffled by the very technology that we embrace.

Here’s where the benefit for my readers comes in. I am giving away a Duck Lips apparel item for FREE! Anyone can win, I’ll be giving you a choice between a women’s shirt, men’s shirt, or a baby/toddler item. But regardless of what you choose, one reader will get a FREE Duck Lips item.

How do you win? Simple, comment on this post with your name and then share this post to either Facebook or Twitter. (The share buttons are on the bottom of this page!) Make sure you tag me in the post so I see it, you can find my social media tags below. (If I haven’t acknowledged your post within a day, you may want to yell at me again since it didn’t pop up to tell me how awesome you are for sharing.)

I will randomly draw a winner on February 5th.

Here’s where it gets even better! You can share me once a day on Twitter and once a day on Facebook for a total of two contest entries per day. AND you can enter again each day. That’s a total of 22 entries in the contest if you share me once on Facebook and once on Twitter every day until February 5!!!

Good luck everyone!

This contest has closed.

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