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The Hubster is a pretty resourceful person to have around the house. I’ve never noticed this in our 10 year marriage, thanks to a ridiculously high number of years spent on submarines. Now that I’m starting to get a sense of why the Navy always needs my husband to remain at work, they may never get him back! Aside from not having to touch the garbage any more, I’ve conned Hubster into unloading the dishwasher as a daily chore. To be honest, I did this more for my sanity than anything. I got very tired of having to tell Hubster where to find a cup or a spoon every time he returned from sea.

This weekend the Hubster went for the gold star on the chore chart and tackled those pesky smoke detectors in our home. While he was deployed I found out two of them didn’t even work, the scariest one being in our bedroom where I would have died of smoke inhalation while I slept. But not to worry, I now have state of the art smoke detectors that will wake the dead when they go off.

After testing all five of them, I’m pretty sure my hearing (what little remained) is officially gone. The noise was so intense that Lola had to hurl herself on the ground and shake uncontrollably until it ended. Which means in a fire I need to make doubly sure that Lola is evacuated. There is no way she would be able to power through the death tremors the smoke detectors caused. Even saying the word cheese didn’t elicit a response from her prone body that was jammed halfway under the couch.

I’ve also got the added benefit of alerts and monitoring on my phone. I’ll now get notified any time Lola decides to invite her friends over to learn fire dancing when I’m not home. (Don’t put it past her, who knows what she does when I’m not around!!)

All of this usefulness aside, the Hubster can still be annoying. For example, he doesn’t love bingeing on Netflix. After three hours, Hubster is ready to call it quits- while I’m just getting in the zone. And heaven forbid I watch on without him…which brings us to a new marriage Heatherism.

heatherism #33

The penalty box is also called the sin bin, and you know I’d have a smile on my face as I did my time. Hubster should watch his back…

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