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Well, we had our first power outage of the winter. We had so many of them last winter that I was hoping I’d met some quota and could avoid any more this year. I’m blaming this on Hubster. Thanks to his being deployed through the worst of the winter outages, his quota hasn’t been met so I get to suffer through another round of dark, cold nights without TV.

Or not.

Hubster made it exactly three hours without video games, internet or TV. Three hours of darkness during the dinner hour that left us running out in the rain to pick up food. The cold is what I think really sealed the deal – Hubster was wearing three layers when something inside him snapped and the DecisionMaker came roaring to life.

A comic graphic showing explosions and blasts from the emergence of your spouse's alter ego.

The DecisionMaker is Hubster’s alter ego- it’s one word because who has time for the space bar when making decisions?! Hubster is normally so quiet and polite in public that people think he’s like that all the time. I get to live with his alter ego who is loud, loves to argue, and has an opinion on everything.

The DecisionMaker ordered a whole home generator and got the guys scheduled to install it. Not only that, he called the propane company and switched out our 300 gallon tank for a 500 gallon tank so we can power our entire house for weeks during an outage.

He made it three hours in the dark. Well, at least I don’t have to suffer while he’s meeting his quota!

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