Hubster and I hit a major milestone this year when we celebrated 10 years of marriage – 14 years of partnership total. In the normal world that’s an accomplishment. In the Navy world it’s a feat of strength. In the Submarine world, it’s a miraculous event that only the strongest can pull off. But here’s the thing – it’s no miracle. I think more people would still be married if they learned how to relax a little.

And throw in some frank honesty where appropriate.

The other day Hubster and I were sitting on the couch together. We watched some TV and played on our devices, my device of choice being the iPhone that houses my favorite game, building an island and running it. Can you tell I miss Hawai’i?! After a few minutes I realized there was a sound emanating from the right side of my person.

The sound was Hubster.

Apparently he had been talking about something while playing with his iPad but I wasn’t listening. I caught the tail end of the speech and realized he was droning on about cars, engines, transmissions, hell I’m not even sure. So I decided I would just use a bit of honesty in my reply.

A heart graphic that says 'That was a lot of words and I'm very impressed by them.'

Mic drop. Honesty on my part, relaxation on Hubster’s part, it’s the secret to marriage.

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8 replies on “Honesty in marriage…

  1. Love it, that sounds like the tyoe of honesty me and the hubby go for. He drunkenly asked me the other evening if I would change anything about him, I think he was hoping for a soppy answer, but I replied I would like it if he had more hair. His face was a picture 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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