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Last night I decided to stay up late to work on my blog. Now that the Hubster is home from deployment, I’ve found my brain very unproductive due to the daylight hours I must now inhabit. I miss my midnight Taco Bell runs with my trusty sidekick Lola. Apparently come 9pm, the Hubster and Lola become pumpkins and flee to the bedroom. Usually they put the guilt trip on me until I follow.

But not last night. Last night I stayed awake so I could get some great work done. It’s now 6am and I still haven’t gone to sleep. I did however get a ton of stuff accomplished:

  • I watched Seinfeld
  • I downloaded music from the 1980s (thank you iTunes!)
  • I browsed through the music of the 1990s (again, Apple and their wormhole you can never get out of!)
  • I read a bunch of useless information on Wikipedia that I’m sure will one day allow me to win on Jeopardy
  • I pondered the meaning of life (that was right around 4am, when I realized Taco Bell was closed and I missed my window to get a snack)

That’s when things got interesting. I got a writing job online and I accepted it will glee without actually reading what the topic was.

“CE Marking and the translation requirements of the Medical Device Directives and how it impacts the EU, EFTA, and EEA.”

What the shit?! Why did I take that job????? Oh yeah, I didn’t have the delicious nacho cheese from The Bell that sustains me on these late night endeavors. Obviously the cheesy goodness morphs my brain from moron to brainiac.

You’re on your own here brain, GET IT TOGETHER!!!

And then I had it, within two hours I had written the greatest article on a subject I had never heard of before. I even learned what all those letters meant!!!!! I wrote such a great piece that when my software ran the reading level I had to look up what year of college that was. And I found out the scale has no high-end cut off- so I had officially left college and was working on a second PhD for fun as far as the scale was concerned.

Yep, and all without the help of my nacho cheese made out of chemicals and what I assume is some sort of plastic.

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