Someone recently asked me what the best thing about being a Navy wife is. That’s a really hard question to answer because there are a huge list of positives (and negatives, but I ignore these as best as I can). I really buckled down to pick the very best thing.

I may have overworked my brain based on Hubster asking if I had cooked bacon while he was at work.

Friendship. I’ve been privileged enough to make friends at every duty station – some will be with me for life, others have floated out of touch once the military separates us. The best part of military friendships are the way you can bond over the simplest thing. I once overheard a conversation between two Navy wives walking to the mailbox at the corner of my yard.

Wife #1: But how can the world only be, what did you say, 6,000 years old?

Wife #2: Well, we use the Bible to  determine the age of things. I mean, it’s all in there.

Wife #1: But we have all the science to back up carbon dating and all the fossils are much older.

Wife #2: Science is wrong.

Wife #1: But how can you support one form of science while discounting the other forms?

Wife #2: What do you mean?

Wife #1: Well, you wouldn’t have your child if it weren’t for science. Doctors intervened to make it possible for you to continue carrying when you would have lost the baby otherwise.

Wife #2: Well, that’s medicine. That isn’t science.

Wife #1: But medicine is science. All the medical achievements came through scientific breakthroughs.

Wife #2: Hmmmm. Well, I still believe in the Bible, but maybe the Bible just doesn’t give me every detail of information that God has to explain the world. I mean, maybe he meant for us to read it and believe it while not necessarily knowing everything he does.

Wife #1: That’s how I read the Bible. Want to go to Panera Bread?

Wife #2: Oh, yeah, that sounds great! And let’s discuss the dinosaurs while we’re there. I still can’t figure that part out.

As they walk away…

Wife #1: Do you think you can still be Christian if you question the Bible?

Wife #2: Yes, he doesn’t want me to be a dumb sheep, he just wants to make sure I actually follow the shepherd in the end.

That’s a true Navy wife friendship. You can disagree on things as long as you share the same taste in restaurants.

And now I want Panera Bread. Thanks for the invite, bitches.

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13 replies on “Why I love being a military wife…

  1. Haha! Love this! The best friendships are the ones where you can disagree and debate. So long as mutual food and drink loving is shared! #momsterslink

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      1. Kind of…my dad played along until we were a bit older and I actually came to him and was like sooooooo Im not so sure about this whole water into wine thing. Then it all came out. Interestingly when we have introduced bible stories to our eight year old she has pondered and quetioned every single one. Noahs arc put her right over the edge. She debunked that shit real fast. We started calling her Carly Darwin.

        My super catholoc inlaws did not find it funny. They still buy her a new bible for her birthday every single year.

        Ummmm pretty sure they are all the same guys…but thanks for the NINE bibles


  2. The Mrs. and me, we err on the side of atheism. We teach the kids about evolution and talk about other peoples beliefs with them, so that they don’t grow up and join a cult! GREAT post. How does Lola enjoy the navy dog thing? #Indogwetrust #momsterlink

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    1. She loves it. She’s made it cross country more than once, she has the entire backseat and she fills it with pillows and toys. It’s ridiculous how comfortable she makes herself! She does get very nervous about us leaving her for a few months, she thinks we’ll leave and forget to bring her with us. As if we could.

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  3. I always made it a point never to date military. If I was at a bar or something and a guy approached me and we got to talking and he mentioned military I ran for the door. I just didn’t think that at the time I could handle a husband who was gone all the time. But when my husband took a job out of town and for 3 years we were living apart (he would come once a month) and even with a 2, 1, infant and two tween boys I really preferred it that way. Now that we live together I just don’t appreciate our time together as much. And I am totally an introvert so since moving here I haven’t made many friends. Oh well….there’s still time. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink.

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    1. There’s always time to make friends, you never know when you will meet somebody that you instantly feel close to. The Hubster didn’t want to get married until he met me, he had heard so many horror stories about wives not being able to handle their husband’s Navy career. But when he met me, he realized that a navy kid was going to do just fine in the role of navy wife. It’s different than when I was a kid, but I’m able to cope with the stress and I do love having my alone time.

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