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So for the past few weeks I have been in a funk. The Hubster had surgery and I decided I hated everything outside of the walls of our house. A little bit of that was sleepiness but most of the funk can be blamed on the fact that no one likes to watch their loved ones in pain.

On the one hand, I wanted to smack the Hubster for making me do everything for him.  (How many fucking cups of coffee do you need to sit in bed all day?!?! More water? More water?!?!?! Stop drinking right now!!!) On the other hand, I wanted to smack the people who hurt the Hubster and put him in all this pain. There were a lot of thoughts of smacking any adult around me.

Things got extremely tense when the lady at Panera Bread shorted me 4 bagels.

And then my friends took me out of the house yesterday…

Heatherism #23

My faith that glitter farting unicorns exist has been restored!

And I love the world again!

But that seems pretty secondary to the unicorns and glitter.

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