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Lola knows Sundays are hard, so here’s your party invitation. And you can stay in bed in your pajamas while attending it.

I am hosting my first ever blog party. I’ve been “attending” a bunch of them recently and thought I would return the love. Here’s how it works (and if you don’t have a blog, keep reading because you are still partying with us).

On August 16th you’re going to come to my site and in the comments section add a link to your blog. I will be online to make sure people are not being dumped in the spam comment folder.

Go check out other posts, leave them a comment on their site, and find a ton of new blogs to read. There will be humor, leisure, photography, mom blogs, etc.

Everyone is welcome to participate (unless you run a hate/discrimination blog, in which case I’m going to be shuffling you into the spam folder just as fast as I can).

Hope to see you there!

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