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Today my brain short circuited and I ended up pondering the most asinine thought in the world. I’d like to say that I realized this was completely ridiculous, but I only realized that after I spent 10 minutes contemplating.

“Like taking candy from a baby.”

What is that about?! How did the phrase even come to be? Who gave a baby candy? Even more disturbing, who took it away from the baby? Was it the same person? Did a smarter person watch a mother give the baby some candy and they decided to snatch it away to save the baby’s life?

How did this become a thing? Are we stealing from babies because we are so desperate for candy? I’ve got a Costco membership, I can give you some candy without you having to rob all the babies of the world of theirs.

It was at this precise moment that my brain circled back to the first three questions. It was like an endless cycle and my brain was stuck on repeat.

And look, I’m contemplating it all over again thanks to writing this post.