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Today is my first day with my new Little. I am two parts terrified and one part excited. It’s like the exact opposite of watching Jaws…but with the same amount of carnage.

This new Little is 10 months old so I know she realizes that she’s not where she normally plays. Those newborns don’t even know how to focus their vision, let alone realize they are in daycare with a stranger. But this Little, she knows, and she’s terrified.

I have never seen a baby grip the gate and screech with as much conviction as this Little. And thanks to the gate having to control the Hulk Little for a whole year, I think I’d better save up and order a new one.

Those screws will only hold for so long. Just like Jaws in the sea world sequel.

P.S. I ordered some promotional items for my blog and I’d like to gift them to readers. The first 5 people to comment will get an item in their mailbox. I’m pretty jazzed about this and if you hate it, you can always regift it to someone you don’t like.

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