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This is my last week with the Hulk Little. She’s moving on to her next home in the beautiful state of Georgia, courtesy of the Navy. By beautiful I mean there are snakes, alligators, and a hell of a heat wave that lasts the entire year. Seriously, I’m not sure what makes people want to go there! Luckily, her parents are from that state so it’s not like the Navy is throwing a bunch of Hawaii-raised people over there to cry.

People like me who cringe at the thought of snakes and freak out at the very thought that people swim in water where alligators like to live. What the fuck people?!! Get out of the water!!!

But I know this Little, she’s going to be just fine. Those alligators and snakes are the ones who should be worried. I’m thinking of starting a betting pool of how long it takes Hulk to find the first snake and wrestle it into submission. The Big Little took her less than an hour so I’m betting the snake might last two in a match against Hulk.

I would like to take this moment to issue a very important message:

Georgia, you have been warned.