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Have you ever gotten up and thought to yourself “there isn’t enough money in the world to get me out of bed today?” Today was the day parents pay me their portion of the childcare fees. The Navy pays me the rest, but I have to wait a month for it.  Which really sucks when you think about it. We are a society that expects instant gratification. I can’t wait a whole month to get paid!

But this morning I decided it was worth it to get out of bed, mainly because my nephew’s birthday is coming up and I need to ensure my elderly well-being by purchasing him an awesome gift.

Witty- Daycare Babies

Bribery is the key to getting a great nursing home!

So the parents came in with payment and I was pretty happy I got out of bed; $540 is nothing to sneeze at. Until I realized it was for two weeks of care. For three infants. Granted, the Navy pays me a lot more than that, but that’s a whole month after this day of horrors.

One Little was pooping water. Green water. Green, stinky water. She was also hysterical. Her friend, Hulk Little, was outraged at the ruckus during what should have been her nap time so she made her presence known; with a foot to my face.

I did the only thing I could think of…

Food- coke

I hit the Coke Zero. Please don’t count them. 

Now, in an age where we expect transparency, I’d like to be honest. There were two more cans that I recycled before I lost the will to walk to the bin and started piling the empties on the counter. I also took this picture at the beginning of our nap time and kept on drinking through the 2 hour period of peace.

I’m so jittery as I type that spellcheck is finally going to have something to do.

So, to all you daycare providers out there; drink some Coke Zero and remember why we do what we do, for what seems to be very little money some days:

The only difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is the person at the top. 

Now go teach some Littles that being nice is a requirement of life.

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