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Two Little came in during pre-sunshine hours. Within 30 minutes I was cleaning up diarrhea. Nothing good can come of this day. In fact, things couldn’t get worse.


Wrong! It got worse. A whole lot worse. Like smack your mother worse. The diarrhea kept flowing. Food was not eaten. Bottles of milk were rejected. Tears were endless. Endless I tell you.

And I did not have enough hands or lap space to make it all better.

Thankfully, the Big Little and his shining awesomeness helped out by patting his friends on the back while they sobbed and waited for me to finish cleaning up the poop their friend decided I needed.

By the time I got the two Littles packed up and sent home with their mommies the poop was on the carpet.

And now as the Big Little naps (and thanks the merciful clouds he isn’t pooping liquid) I get to use my steam-cleaning robot and let it do the dirty work.

Oh, I also need to change my clothes. I may not be able to see it, but I can feel the poop particles clinging to me.