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Sometimes running a daycare has hazards you just don’t see coming; today was one of those days. I just ate a metric ass-ton of pizza with the Littles for our pajama pizza party and I will die if I eat any more food.

I will die.

I decided to lie down very slowly and resist jiggling anything vital. I don’t know how I’m going to survive the drive in movie theater tonight. You know my fat kid self will not be able to resist snacks while I watch a double feature.

Lest you think I am the only piggy in Pizzaville, I would like to tell you how the two oldest Littles are feeling. The Big Little fell asleep at the table with a piece of pizza dangling between his lips. He farted and woke himself up.

Then he ate the rest of his pizza.

The Hulk Little ate an entire personal pan pizza by herself. By the time I got her into her crib she was burping and trying to keep it all down. As soon as I put her into the crib she started letting out burp after burp and I worried I was going to have to clean vomit.

Lesson for the day: pizza is irresistible and I’m pretty sure they are going to outlaw it in my lifetime.

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