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I may or may not have ordered Lola a Triceratops headpiece to wear to the premier of Jurassic World at the Rodeo Drive In movie theater. June 12th cannot come soon enough for us, we are watching the first three Jurassic movies right now.

And we will repeat the marathon next weekend, while wearing the costume, in order to fully prepare for World.

Now, I know some people will say that Jurassic movie numbers 2 and 3 are not as good. I would tell those people to keep their opinions to themselves. There are dinosaurs on the screen and the words Jurassic and Park in the titles. They are untouchables.

Sort of like Jaws. They could make 20 of those movies and I’d keep watching them. I’d be scared shitless every time I took a shower, but I’d still keep my eyes on the screen.

And now that we’re on the topic of sharks, I watched SyFy’s epic creation Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark. There is nothing better than watching the blonde lawyer from Law and Order face off against a shark with her acrylic red fingernails, hooker makeup, and one piece jumpsuit.

She could have never gotten away with that look next to Jack McCoy.

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