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I currently have two Littles in care. One is practically an adult, he walks and talks and sasses me with his cute little face; it’s irresistible. Luckily, instead of him aging out of my infant home at 24 months old, he’ll be moving to a new duty station.

It makes it easier for he and I to cope if we don’t run into each other at the park and cry because we miss the old days.

The Tiny Little is the Hulk. You remember her. I’ve written many blogs about her tiny Little temper.

http://wp.me/p3WghM-KS (The time she actually was the Hulk.)

http://wp.me/p3WghM-HM (How about the time she “lost” her pizza?!)

http://wp.me/p3WghM-Df (Who could forget about this Little gem about one of her first meltdowns in daycare?)

Today the Hulk has decided that she’s going to channel her rage into productivity. She’s going to be a submariner.

Rule number one of submarine life, be content in small spaces. The Little has passed this with no issues. Her favorite relaxation spot is in the toy shelf. She clears out the toys and lies down every single day.


 Can I get you a pillow or anything?!

Rule number two of submarine life, be content with canned food.

food- spam

Judging by the speed with which she downed her Spam on Hawai’i Day, I’d say she’s ok with this rule. And FYI, Hawai’i Day is amazing. We eat Spam and listen to music from the islands. Pure bliss.

The third and final rule of submarine life is to thrive under pressure.

Mission achieved. Hulk Little thrives when completing any task that she knows will displease me. She just gets in there, gets the job done, and sits with a smile on her face while I lose my mind. Case in point, she climbed up a toy shelf, scaled the back of the couch, and was perched on top of it in victory.

And she had to do it all in the 2 minutes I was making her bottle while telling her to get down.

She’s going to do just fine on a submarine.

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