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So my Tiny Little is now 11 months old and I’m quickly realizing that her Hulk tendencies are not getting any better with age. She goes from happy to angry in 2 seconds flat and nothing will stop the rampage once it has started.

And if you dare to laugh at her comical ways, she will punish you. Severely.

So today I’m laughing at her while she rages against the glass back door. She wants to go out the door but I won’t let her. Silly me, I require things like pants and jackets on Littles when they go outside.

Bad Giant. Very bad Giant.

I finally give up on forcing her into pants while she Hulks and I take a moment to appreciate the comedy of someone trying to reach for a latch when they are 2 feet shorter than it.

Hulk picked up a weeble and hurled it at me while she threw herself onto Bruce the Dragon and proceeded to kick the shit out of him.

Sidenote: I’m throwing all those damn weebles in the trash. They are cute but a fucking menace to society. Remember the time I took a weeble to my mouth?! I still feel it on rainy days. read about it here


She picked this out on her last Wal-Mart run.

So, people of Earth, you’ve been warned. I’ve done what I can to tame the temper but her dad is Irish and her mom is a flaming red-head.

Did I mention they plan on having five kids?!

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