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Well! I bet you all think I finally cracked and lost the will to type. I apologize for my long absence, apparently when you set your blog to auto publish while you’re away, it doesn’t always listen to you.

Even the shank list is on the shank list. This is a sad state of affairs.

But I’m back now! I took a four-day weekend and visited with a friend who hasn’t lived here in a few years. By the end of the weekend we were being detained by base police.

And we gassed them.

It was too much and I’ll get busy writing it all down for your reading pleasure. But I may leave out some details. Like the ones that could result in subsequent issues with the people in power.

 food- chips

I tried these UK chips this week.

I don’t know what “Southern” bbq they were basing this name off of, but it definitely wasn’t Southern US. Maybe they meant Southern London style bbq. They started off with this weird baked taste and then ended with a burnt tomato taste. I couldn’t figure them out at all. But by the end of the bag, they were tasting pretty darn delicious so I guess you just have to power through the initial funky flavor. Or flavour, as they would say in the UK.

This week I will be posting the results of the mac and cheese taste test that I sent out to 3 lucky blog readers who commented on my post. When I did the taste test, I said the Americans won, which has been our only win to date. Hopefully the other tasters allow the US to hold onto their mac and cheese title.

Without it, I fear there is no hope for my future.

Catch up on the mac & cheese taste test here: http://wp.me/p3WghM-Hv

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